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Our Company was founded in 1992. At the beginning of its business activity, we only provided powder coating services. Now our powder paint shop is modernised and we provide high-quality services. Thanks to an automatic powder painting line, we are competitive. We specialise in varnishing smaller metal elements (maximum height of the element 220x180x110cm).

Apart from powder coating, we produce metal goods such as: revision doors, access panels, metal casings, casings of switchgears for central heating. Our goods have a positive opinion in the whole Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries.

The assets of our company are short terms of realisation and an individual attitude towards the needs of every single client.

We are constantly investing in the development of our company, in new technologies, machines and devices.

In 2008 we undertook the next challenge writing a project to get money from the Małopolska Operational Programme for 2007-2013. The project was accepted.

We organise internal and external trainings that are organised and conducted by both specialised external companies and our company’s employees. These trainings raise employees’ qualifications concerning the processes of powder coating and quality control.

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